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Our specialties in the field of legal services are business law, tax, labor law, civil law and property law.
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Our expert team of lawyers is ready to provide comprehensive legal advice and services, or if you request, short and quick legal guidelines from the Legislation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our specialties in the field of legal services are business law, labor law, civil law and property law.


Business consulting
• Tips for starting a business
• Business analysis and consulting
• Advising on changing the legal form
• Acquisitions and sales of companies
• Regular legal advice
• Virtual office in Sarajevo
• Mediation in the purchase, sale and lease of real estate
Lawyer services
• Establishment of companies and associations (founding act as well as accompanying documentation for the establishment of limited liability companies, associations, etc.)
• All kinds of changes of registration
• Liquidation (cancellation from the Commercial Registration)
• Representation clients before state authorities
• Court cases
• Family and inheritance law
• Resolving property-legal relations
• Other notary and lawyer services by arrangement
Other legal services
• Work permit and residence for foreign citizens
• Elaboration of the statutes and rules of procedure
• Making all kinds of contracts
• Composing various types of letters and objections
• Compilation of various types of submissions, requests, warnings, appeals, lawsuits
• Preparation of tender documentation
• Registration of rights and ownership of property in the land registry office and cadastre
• Labor and employment law

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